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Our award-winning dealership CRM platform ties together every component of the VinSolutions dealership software package. The intuitive system helps you build and maintain customer connections by managing lead flow across your sales and internet departments. It’s a single, powerful source of comprehensive customer insight, accessible by all your people, departments and adjacent systems.


VinSolutions Connect CRM has established itself as the benchmark in automotive CRM software solutions. It is a perfect fit for all dealerships because it was created and designed by experts and professionals from automotive sales. The VinSolutions Automotive CRM makes it easy to manage personnel, maximize lead proficiency, and monopolize the marketplace.


  • No contracts

  • Web based software, no servers required

  • Ongoing product enhancements and updates

  • Total showroom and BDC control

  • Monitoring and forecasting of sales

  • Mobile App for iPhone and Droid platforms

  • Capability to print deal forms

  • Enterprise reporting for dealer groups

  • Integrated CSI module for sending customer surveys

  • Unlimited online interactive training with a live trainer

  • Visible customer value, both sales and service

  • Credit application kiosk support and integration

  • Customer text messaging

  • Customizable dashboards, Road to the Sale, and follow-up processes

  • Full support of all marketing initiatives and the ability to create specific, targeted email campaigns

  • Integration with all major DMS providers, online marketing providers, and inventory data

  • Performance Manager assigned to your account to ensure usage, ROI, and quality.

  • Extensive ad hoc and customizable reporting, sent directly through email

  • Enterprise compatibility, allowing for multiple rooftops, custom reporting across all stores, one login for any store, and one inventory view across all stores


  • With the fully integrated CRM system, a dealership can market to anyone, anywhere, without any physical boundaries, increasing market share and revenue

  • Features such as Connect Mobile and Connect Dashboard give all dealership staff a faster and more efficient means of connecting with customers, thus enhancing the whole sales process

  • The CRM's full suite of offerings allows for a "one-stop-shop" for all around savings and better visibility, tractability, accountability, and usability

  • Enterprise compatibility reduces the risk of redundancy and provides an enhanced experience for customers and dealership staff

  • Flexibility like creating unique follow ups for special circumstance buyers and incorporating custom statuses with processes provides the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns, increasing buyer interest and satisfaction

DMS integration:

VinSolutions provides seamless DMS automotive integration between your inventory and Internet marketing. VinSolutions polls your DMS every night for new and pre-owned inventory changes. Those inventory changes are processed on our server to add incoming vehicles and remove sold units from your Internet marketing sites. This eliminates the need for physical monitoring of several sites to meet truth in advertising benchmarks.  VIN also offers bi-directional integration with a number of DMS companies allowing you to push a deal in real time from VIN into the DMS in order to eliminate duplicate entry, making your sales process shorter and more efficient.  

DMS integration Features

  • Full bi-directional integration with major automotive DMS's

  • Daily polling of inventory, sales, and service data

  • Push a deal from the Connect CRM Automotive Desking to your Reynolds, ADP, Arkona, Auto/Mate, or AutoSoft DMS in real time.(Auto/Mate and AutoSoft require Desking 3.0 for deal push)

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