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The Challenge

After weeks of research, customers often come into a dealership only to be stuck alone at a desk while the salesperson leaves them to collect and input their information. This only adds to the dissatisfaction most customers have with how long the car-buying process takes.*

How We Solve It

With Connect Mobile, dealers never have to leave the customer’s side. The mobile app provides salespeople with quick, easy access to critical information, including inventory and customer records, so they can make every customer connection count.

Watch In Action

Learn from Mark Vickery, Senior Director of Performance Management, how technology like Connect Mobile help you maximize your CRM usage and improve customer experience.

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Product Features

Follow up from your phone with Connect Mobile

Follow up from your phone

Review your sales, desking, demos, write-ups, appointments and dealership visits and know exactly which leads need a follow-up from anywhere.

Scan IDs by the customer’s side with Connect Mobile

Scan IDs by the customer’s side

Use the camera on your mobile device to capture and save critical customer data and documents , all without ever leaving them alone at a desk.

Pinpoint customer preferences with Connect Mobile

Pinpoint customer preferences

Keep your customers’ vehicle preferences up-to-date using the Vehicle of Interest Scanner, which allows you to quickly search inventory and simply scan the VIN to add it as a customer’s primary vehicle of interest.

Search inventory instantly with Connect Mobile

Search inventory instantly

Quickly search your entire inventory from your mobile device to find the car your customer wants.

Track mobile customer calls with Connect Mobile

Track mobile customer calls

Call customers directly from their customer record using your mobile device – while still using the dealership’s phone number. Log that communication into Connect CRM customer records using Call Tracking .

Let us show you how to follow up from anywhere with Connect Mobile.

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